Mocap Portfolio of Steven Harmon


Hi there! My name is Steven.

I’m currently a junior interactive entertainment and game design major at USC, but I’m also the first in my schools history to create the job position of in-house mocap technician for my department to provide mocap to all the capstone projects to give myself the opportunity to spend more time in my element at the Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts’ 40 camera motion capture stage.

Why I love Motion Capture

Mocap to me is the marriage of both my technical and artistic passions. I come from a background of 10 years in theater and 8 years independent development. I am most happy when I’m on set, marking up actors, calibrating the stage, setting up ROMs, creating apple box sets, and DIY problem solving in real time to make sure the talent can deliver the best performances they can and cleaning, solving, characterizing, and retargeting those performances to bring them to further heights. 

My Recent Work!

"STUCK" is a longform 6DOF VR film about finding digital comfort in dire distress for Oculus Quest.

A virtual recreation of found camera footage with motion capture, hand crafted environments. 
(Motive + Motion Builder + Blender + Maya + Unity)


Independent Contractor
at House of Moves


Motion Gallery

Past Mocap Projects (the ones I can show)


Responsible for shoot floor supervision, data cleanup, characterizing, retarget, and polish for various character animations for this VR spellcasting action title. Part of USC Games’ Advanced Games Project capstone. Worked within a large team of 25+ as their motion capture technician. (Motive + Motion Builder + Maya + Unreal)

"Post Hello" is a 3rd person narrative adventure game about experiencing life from the eyes of a delivery-man searching for fulfilment. Mocap within an interactive environment: IK controls, cinematic cutscenes and cycles, virtual camera operation, and animation trees for a 3rd person/1st person custom point n' click controller. (Motive + Motion Builder + Maya + Unity)

AVENGERS: Into the Thanus

In 2019 there was an End Game fan theory about Ant Man and Thanos. It was just a matter of time until someone (me) made it in VR. I created a 3D stereoscopic VR short where you travel into the depths of Thanos’s digestive tract alongside Ant Man. Made within an afternoon as a joke. (Motive + Maya + Substance + Motion Builder)

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